More Human Prosthetics

Giatek is working on the next generation of prosthetics based upon on several ground breaking innovations from our robotics research. These include:

  • More Human like limb modeling of bones joints muscles and ligaments 
  • Synthetic muscle fibers NOT servo motors
  • High strength ultra-plastics such as PEEK
  • Human neural machine interfaces for control and touch sensation
  • AI based signal analysis
"Cybernetics take from the onset modeling fully the way the human system is designed, with real bone and ligament structures. So not only does it look lifelike down to the fingernails and hairs, which is a huge win for patients, it actually has similar functionality levels. One example of this is complex hand movements when you move your pinky towards your thumb. Many bones within the hand flex and rotate. Similarly when you pull four of your fingers back, there is another slight rotation within the hand. If you build the entire hand beneath the fingers as one solid piece of metal, of course you can never replicate the human’s ability for delicate and complex grasping. But with cybernetic approaches, although more difficult to develope, our target is a perfect mimic of the system that has already been perfect through evolution. It’s the same with brain cybernetics, we seek to achieve systems that mirror not re-think what has taken millions of years to evolve.” - Dr. Giavelli