Cable Jet Trains



The cable jet train is a high-speed train designed to efficiently connect outer suburbs with downtown areas or for long distance inter city travel. It has the advantage over bullet trains in that it does not require massive infrastructure development or highly complex levitation mechanisms which use energy. Instead the cable jet is a light electric jet which can be solar powered and achieve a speed of 250 miles an hour. It uses principles of air lift and rides along a guided cable system which can be built above existing major highways without interfering upon them. 

For example in the city of Austin the trip from round Rock Texas to downtown which would normally take 45 minutes would only require 5 minutes on a cable jet train and would require no new land. Connecting cities like Dallas and Houston, the cables jet can provide a connection time of 45 minutes versus the existing 3-hour Drive. 

Cable-jet trains are designed to be powered by solar or by the spider arm reactor providing emission-free pollution free energy and transportation in a way that is much more efficient and faster than electric cars or existing train systems.